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2016 March 06, 2:27 AM

It’s been a while.

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I broke my promise to myself to blog everyday.

Not to happy about it, because I know how important it is for me to just write everyday.

And it really helps to grow your online presence and online businesses.

indieanimator.com is a site I started as cartoonmogul.com be in 2003 and it still gets organic traffic and views.

I have not updated that in months.

The truth, I have been busy editing and shooting videos for small business clients in Las Vegas.

I think I am turning the corner though with my methods and strategies.

Small business owners and people in general are looking for answers on how to tackle how to build and grow businesses online.

Presently working with a few businesses to prove working on your business presence – not through google ads, yelp.com, Dex or these marketing agencies

help with our marketing. They do and they don’t. You waste a lot of money and I don’t think it is as effective as they need to be.

The business owner needs to get into the trenches of social media and using video to build their businesses.

And the focus needs to be on smartphones – it is where everyone is. And video is key to get the message out there.

Once I slow down on the filming, I will begin my own video challenge.

Keep myself accountable – video is king and queen.

For now, I will keep showing up here to get better at showing up to the blog. (media platform)

If you are interested in creating a profitable blog, take a look at the information below.

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